Caution! Your Children are Destroying Your Car! 11 Ways You Can Use Kick Mats to Stop the Damage Before it Starts!

Kick Mats back seat protector

As any parent will tell you, kids are both a blessing and a curse. They’re a blessing for the bountiful love and joy they bring into our loves. But they’re a curse when it comes to keeping anything nice. Even when kids are on their best behavior, they can cause damage without ever intending to do so.

In our homes, our carpets get stained from milk and juice. Crumbs get ground deep into carpet fibers. Little hands leave sticky smudges from ice cream and fruit and caked-on residue from cheesy chips. It’s certainly a big chore to undo the damage they do.

It’s the same in the car too, though the car is a much more confined space. Before we become parents, we often preach about how we’ll never let OUR kids eat in OUR car. But that all changes when you have kids and you realize that providing snacks during car rides helps to keep the peace. Not only that, kids track in lots of dirt and mud. How can any child resist jumping and splashing in the puddles before you shuttle them inside the car to go somewhere?

Children can’t help themselves. They’re natural mess-makers. But that’s ok because there are certain things we can use to protect our automotive investments.

If your current car is looking ragged and you’re in need of buying a new one, or you’ve just purchased a new car and don’t want it falling victim to messy, muddy shoe prints from accidental (or intentional) kicking, crayon drawings that you never asked for, or smudgy handprints from sticky snacks when you couldn’t give them a wet wipe fast enough on the seatbacks, the simple solution is to use our kick mats.

Here are the many ways our kick mats can help keep your car looking like new long after it’s new and protect your resale value so you can drive with peace of mind.

1. Kick mats are ideal for family road trips

Family road trips are chaotic enough. First, there’s all the packing and prepping that you must do to get everyone ready for the journey. You’ll need to pack up everyone’s clothing and toiletries, toys, books, games, smart devices, and chargers. Plus, you’ll need to pack some food and snacks because you don’t want to have to stop every hour of your journey.Kick Mats

Inevitably, there comes a time around the 2nd hour of the car ride where the kids begin to get antsy. It usually starts with whining. “Are we there yet?” Or the dreaded, “Mommy, I have to pee!” Soon, their frustrations take a turn for the worse and you’ll be met with kicking on your seatbacks. Even when their little shoes are clean, they’ll still leave scuffing and damage on the seatbacks. It’s even worse when your seats are made from leather.

Take a look in the backseat of your car now. Even if you took your car seats out and wiped everything down, anyone who got into the backseat of your car would know you have children because of those scuff marks. And most of those marks don’t come off. You can remove some crusty debris from mud but you’ll still see where the damage has been done.

Our kick mats keep that damage from happening. They’re made from a durable and water resistant polyester. Plus, they’re large enough to cover the entire seatback, keeping it safe from damages caused by your children.

Additionally, we offer a variety of kick mats, some of them with organizers built in that are ideal for the road trip. You can use the pockets to store their toys, games, books, and activities for the trip as well as stash handy items like hand sanitizer and wipes so they’ll have everything they need within arm’s reach.

2. Kick mats help when you’re traveling with a baby

Maybe your child is still a wee one, with little legs that can’t reach your seatbacks. Yet. There will come a day when he or she is big enough to walk on their own and track mud and mess into the car, kicking it all over your seatbacks.

But even before that, babies can’t help themselves sometimes. If you bottle feed your child, they can spray breast milk or formula all over your seatbacks. When those things bake into the materials while parked on a hot summer day, you’ll come back to a car that stinks. Babies, as dear and precious as they are, can also vomit on occasion. When that happens, it can project out everywhere. We often forget about the seatbacks, cleaning up the baby, the car seat, and the backseat the best we can. Then we try not to gag every time we get into our cars after that.

With our kick mats, even baby messes can be contained. Our kick mats are machine washable, so you don’t have to do anything more than throw them in the washer and wait for them to be clean and good as new again.

3. Kick mats make grandparents happy to have the grandkids in their car

Sure, Grandpa and Grandma love their grandchildren. They cherish spending time with their cherubic little faces and spoiling them rotten. Most grandparents like having a nice car though, and having to take their grandchildren can make them worry about protecting the interior of their vehicle. Some grandparents don’t need to take the grandkids every day, but even those grandparents want to keep their cars in pristine condition even after they send the grandkids back home to you.

car seat back protectorStatistically, among older drivers, the cars they choose often have leather seating and are more expensive than the cars they drove in their youth. They’ve worked hard and saved even harder to afford nice things. They’ve been there and done that with little kids (you and your siblings when you were small) and now they want to enjoy what they’ve worked so hard for.

Our kick mats give Grandpa and Grandma more reasons to want to take the grandkids for a ride somewhere. While it’s true most kids behave better for the grandparents (why is that anyway?) the kids can still accidentally kick the seatbacks of Grandpa’s brand new leather-interior Cadillac, which will make him grumpy. If you’re hoping your parents will take your kids off your hands for a date night or afternoon, our kick mats will make them even happier to drive them to the zoo, the ice cream shop or anywhere they want to go. Plus, you can get the ones that double as an organizer and fill it with essentials so Grandpa and Grandma can drive with ease while the kids get tissues, books, or whatever they need.

4. Kick mats are useful for any caregiver

For childcare centers that transport children to and fro, kick mats can be very helpful in maintaining the interior of school vans. Keeping the interiors looking clean and neat is important for keeping up a proper business image, as well as for safety. No one wants to put their children in a ripped up, dirty school van. And no after school program wants to spend all the budget replacing seatbacks and vans too frequently. Kick mats are a great solution to this. Plus, the ones that double as organizers allow for fun materials to be placed in them to keep kids engaged and learning while on the go.

5. Kick mats will save your new car and keep it looking new

When your old car starts to rattle and fall apart, it’s a good time to buy a new one. But when you have kids, you’re straddling a fine line. On one side of it, you know kids will be kids. On the other side, you don’t want those little monsters mucking up your new car. It’s a struggle.

So go and buy that new car with the gorgeous leather interior. Our kick mats come in a package of 2 and cover the entire seatback so your children won’t be able to inflict any damage. The thick material is durable and provides lasting protection. It’s easy to clean when it gets dirty by throwing it in the washing machine. Plus, we have kick mats that offer storage solutions as well so your car will never become a wasteland of odds and ends. With pouches and zippered pockets, they keep everything organized and off your floorboards.

Additionally, we make other products like backseat covers to help keep the rest of your car from becoming damaged due to the thrills and spills of having children.

6. Kick mats make an ideal entertainment center

Our kick mats attach at the top and bottom of the seatback, keeping them firmly locked in place. You can choose our standard kick mats that simply protect the seatbacks from damage, or you can choose our kick mats that double as organizers for your car too.

Kick Mats with backseat organizerDriving is difficult enough. When you add children to the mix, it becomes even more so. You can’t very well stop and turn around to hand out wet wipes every time someone needs one or dole out snacks. The kick mats with organizers can hold tablets, books, games, toys, snacks, and drinks with ease. They can also hold wipes, tissues and other essentials. You can even insert a mini trash can into the deep pockets so trash will never go all over your backseat again.

7. Kick mats are essential when the weather is inclement

Your kids can be as careful as can be, but when it comes to rainy or snowy weather, even with the utmost care, messes can be made. Snow and slush make for messy shoes. Ditto for rainy days too. The wetness and the mud that comes with them leaves unsightly stains and permanent marks on your seatbacks when your kids climb into the car. And if they’re jumping in fast because the weather is really bad out there, chances are they aren’t worrying about whether their feet are scuffing up against the seatbacks.

With our kick mats, you won’t need to cringe every time your kids hop in the car. The mess stays on the kick mats and never transfers through the thick and durable material. You’ll never again have to worry about the weather.

8. Kick mats are a must for families with kids in sports

Active kids make a lot of mess too. If you have kids in sports like soccer, football, baseball, track, or even cheerleading, you’re much more likely to wind up with dirty and damaged seatbacks. Any sport that utilizes cleats too is even worse because of the potential to rip and snag your seatback material. Using our kick mats will prevent any of that damage from ever happening.

With kick mats, you won’t ever need to worry that your children and their friends are ruining your seatbacks as they clamber in from winning that big game. You can stay focused on taking them all out for a treat to celebrate a job well done instead of grumbling at everyone to keep their feet still.

9. Kick mats make fantastic gifts

Most parents are unaware that kick mats even exist. When they find out about them, the reaction is always that they wished they’d known about them sooner. That’s why our kick mats would be great to give as a gift. For a baby shower, it’s a gift that will likely not be given by anyone else in attendance, making it an ideal choice. New parents will soon discover how helpful kick mats are.

Friends with kids that get new cars would love kick mats as a gift too. Or those difficult to shop for grandparents. They always have everything, but they likely won’t already have kick mats.

Do you have a friend whose children just started in sports? Kick mats would be a much-appreciated gift to help them keep their vehicle free of mess and damage. There are so many occasions you can give kick mats for a gift that will be very well received!

10. Kick mats protect like nothing else

There are many fabric and leather protecting treatments out there, but none of them can guard as well as a kick mat can. Our kick mats secure to the seatback with straps, holding them firmly in place. They also cover your entire seatback to prevent any mess, scrape, scratch, dirt, or grime from getting onto your seatback.

The material is very strong and durable, as well as waterproof. So even if your child throws water all over it, it will not penetrate through to the seatback. Let them throw a fit in the back while you’re driving. You don’t need to “turn this car right around.” Just smile to yourself knowing that whatever they do in the back can’t destroy your investment in your vehicle.

11. Kick mats are an affordable and multi-tasking solution

Not only will kick mats protect your interior and keep your car in excellent condition no matter how messy and wild your kids are, but they will also give you places to store and organize things should you choose the ones that feature the organizer option. They are much more affordable than making repairs to your interior. It’s not cheap to reupholster a car, especially with leather. Kick mats are a minimal investment. Plus they come in a package of two so you get both for our low price.

The final word on kick mats

When it comes to protecting the interior of your car, kick mats are an ideal, durable and affordable solution. After parents buy and use our kick mats, they’re often amazed at how much order is restored to their cars. With zippered pockets and pouches, the kick mats that feature organizing options eliminate mess from transferring to the seatbacks and provide plenty of storage to keep the backseat organized and free of clutter. Our material is 4 times heavier than that of other kick mats, ensuring your seatbacks stay in pristine condition.

They last and last, no matter how many times you wash them in your washing machine. And should you experience any problems, our kick mats come with a lifetime guarantee. We won’t ask any questions either. We’ll honor it always.

With our kick mats, you don’t have to choose between having kids and having a nice car. You can truly have the best of both worlds on the road to life!