6 Proven Ways to Handle Your Hyperactive Child

Hyperactive Child

All children are filled with endless energy, but if your child is hyperactive, he may be even more so. Plus, hyperactive children have the distinction of lacking listening skills, taking instructions or following directions. Additionally, your child might exhibit behavioral problems and do poorly in school.

There’s no need to be forlorn, as there is much you can do to help your hyperactive child. Swallow a giant gulp of patience and give one of these ways a try.

  1. Create order in your home

Although it might seem counter-intuitive, for hyperactive children there must be a clear pattern to follow at home or else they become anxious. Set rules for general functions in your household. This will help him understand what you expect of him and when you expect him to do it.

  1. Simplify complex instructions

Make eye contact with your child when you explain things so he’ll focus on what you say. Simplify the tasks you explain to him and repeat them if necessary. If you feel he’s understood, ask him to repeat it back to you, but do so without getting impatient or angry.

  1. Make positive reinforcements

Bribing can become habitual with other children but for hyperactive children, positive reinforcement in the form of small rewards, extra hugs and those sorts of things will help your child get through their tasks.

  1. Create new outlets for venting

Your hyperactive child needs ways to release his energy. So be sure to take him outside to play. Running, walking and sports are all great outlets. If the weather is bad, make space in a room and let him run around there. You shouldn’t encourage hyperactivity but you do need him to get physical with releasing his energy from time to time.

  1. Stay away from large gatherings

Don’t take this to mean you need to stay indoors and keep your child from every experience. What you need to do is work up to all these things, like going to the supermarket, going to church or an outing with family. Slow and steady wins the race.

  1. Exercise discipline without getting physical

It is undeniably difficult to handle a child that is hyperactive and you will need to punish him from time to time. But you must stay calm and restrain yourself from physical punishments. You need to make your child understand the difference between good and bad and a great way to do that is to set up a time out room where your child can be sent to get himself together when he acts out of line. As soon as he apologizes and adjusts his behavior, let him out.

By doing these things, you will help relieve your child’s anxiety and steer him on the right path to channeling his hyperactivity in a positive way.

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