Car Seat Protector for Baby Infant Carseats

Car Seat Protector
  • PROTECTS YOUR LEATHER CAR SEATS - Saves your leather from damage by the  indentations, scratches and wear & tear made by your childs carseat
  • INCREASE STABILITY OF BABY CARSEAT - Anti-Slip backing firmly holds your carseat in place. Helps prevents the carseat from sliding around.
  • COMPATIBLE WITH ALL CARSEAT BRANDS - This universally designed car seat protector is LATCH compatible and suits both booster & high-back carseats.
  • BONUS STORAGE POCKETS - Deep storage pockets are perfect to store travel toys, books, wet wipes or even a baby bottle.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY MATERIALS - Heavy duty machine washable 600D Polyester maximizes long-term seat protection.
  • QUALITY GUARANTEED - You are protected by our Lifetime no-questions asked replacement guarantee.

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Product Description

A lot of care and attention goes into researching and choosing the right carseat for your baby. It's got to be comfy, but also safe right? But like so many parents, they get quite a shock once they remove the carseat from their vehicle and see the damage caused to their car seat.

You see, our focus is purely on comfort and safety with regards to the infant carseat - as it should! But what is often overlooked is the damage these carseats can cause to your expensive car leather seats. The problem is that we only discover this, after we remove the carseat from the vehicle.

If you haven’t for a while, go take your carseat out and inspect your leather. Because you have to tighten down the carseat so much, it causes the leather to stretch. Then you end up with leather indentations caused by the carseat. Sometimes these never resolve!

Also, the leather is slippery. This means that your carseat often moves and slides around a bit while you drive. If you have any crumbs, sand or other grit on the seats - like who doesn’t, this can get under the carseat and cause the leather to scratch as the carseat moves around.

Sadly, many parents find out the hard way. The carseat is removed, and to their shock, their cherished leather seats are ruined. If only they’d knew to use a car seat protector from the start!

If you own a vehicle with leather car seats that you’d like to protect, then the Smiinky car seat protector may be a worthwhile investment for you. At the very least, it’d give you the peace-of-mind knowing you won’t end up with the same problems so many others have experienced.

The Smiinky Car Seat Protector is easy to install. It is plenty wide, meaning it’ll even catch some of the spills and crumbs your little rascal leaves behind. It is made with super tough material, with just the right amount of padding to protect your seats from indentations, while maintaining stability in the carseat. You even get a bonus storage pocket!

If you have kids in carseats, this car seat protector has to be one of the most important accessories to have in your vehicle. Even if you don’t have leather car seats, it is definitely worth it to protect your upholstery. Their easy to order, as it's available on Click the link below to order now.

Car Seat Protector Specifications

- PROTECTS YOUR LEATHER CAR SEATS from the indentations, scratches plus the wear and tear your baby car safety seat can cause. The extra wide base is designed to CATCH THE SPILLS AND CRUMBS your kids leave behind. The deep STORAGE POCKETS at the bottom are useful to keep travel toys, books or wet wipes handy for your baby, which doubles as a kick protector for the front of your seats - Making them versatile backseat protector seat covers.

- FIRMLY HOLDS YOUR BABY CAR SEAT IN PLACE - This carefully designed child car seat protector cover for under your safety car seat includes a colorfast, heat resistant anti-slip backing that is safe to use on cars with tan leather car seats. The anti-slip material under this baby car seat seat protector helps prevent your carseat slipping around your backseat. The convenient headrest straps KEEP THE BACK UPRIGHT AND IN PLACE - so you won't have to worry about the back flopping over onto your child

- PREMIUM QUALITY MATERIALS - This auto under car seat protector features heavy-duty machine washable 600D polyester with durable PVC anti-slip grain on all corners. The level of padding in the car seat mat was carefully designed to MAXIMIZE SEAT PROTECTION, but also minimize child seat instability that you may find with a bulky baby car seat protector that’s "too thick".

- COMPATIBLE WITH ALL CAR SEAT BRANDS - The universal designed car seat seat protector is convertible to fit infant carseats, car seats for toddlers right up to high back booster carseats. They are Easy-To-Install and Latch Compatible. The full height back, extra-wide 19.7" base pad and 46.8" total length makes them the perfect seat protectors for car seats with inches to spare either side!

- QUALITY GUARANTEED - Your Baby Car Seat Protector is guaranteed with our LIFETIME no questions asked replacement guarantee. But that's not all... you will get our popular eBook "Safe Kids Are Happy Kids" absolutely FREE with your order. This represents EXCLUSIVE VALUE that you won't find anywhere else. To order on Amazon, click the button below now...

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