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Snacking Tips for the Little Ones

Snacking Tips

Have you ever noticed that small children and older babies are such snacking machines? My little one is always asking for snacks…even after she’s just eaten something! But it’s important to fuel their little busy bodies with proper nutrition. It can also keep them from being grumpy. You’re just asking for it if you leave […]

Teeth care for babies: How to clean babies teeth

Teeth care for babies

When that first tooth pokes through your baby’s gums, it is a huge milestone. Soon, that gummy smile will be replaced with tiny teeth. And as that toothy grin comes in, you’ll need to make sure to care for it properly to avoid your child experiencing cavities and other dental issues. Cleaning Baby’s Teeth Here’s […]

Just a Spoonful of Sugar: How to Help Your Reluctant Child Take Their Medicine

Reluctant child

One of the worst parts of having a sick child isn’t the germs. And while it’s horrible to see your child feeling so miserably, one thing is even worse…fighting with them to take their medicine. No one likes taking medicine, especially children. Until they get a little bigger, they don’t understand why it’s so important […]

Help Your Child Get Over the Flu with these 7 Natural Remedies

Natural remedies

Having a sick kid is THE worst. Especially when your child is really small because then they can’t tell you exactly what is wrong. And when the flu, or any illness strikes, particularly with the little ones, there’s not much you can give them over the counter that is safe for children that age. Even […]

Natural Ways to Get Things Moving when Your Child is Constipated

Constipated child

Constipation is no fun for anyone, especially children. It’s a very common cause of pain and discomfort in kids and most often is the result of dietary issues. Many kids suffer from constipation due to a lack of ingesting enough fiber. Plus, they likely eat too many foods with high simple sugars like processed foods […]