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6 Brain-Developing Things You Can Do with Your Infant


Babies 6 months and under still need interaction with you. Here are some of the best things you can do to encourage brain-development. Newborn babies are like potatoes. Not only do they sort of look like them, but they’re about as active an interesting as a potato. A potato that cries, poops and nurses that […]

6 Educational Apps for Toddlers to Love

Apps for toddler

There’s no mistake about it – today’s world is a digital world. Our children are more likely to understand how to better navigate our smartphones better than we can ourselves. We need to embrace that natural curiosity by offering them uses of technology that will help them learn and play at an age appropriate level. […]

How to Detect Autism Early On


Every parent wants what’s best for their child. As we watch them grow, it is an incredible experience to share in the joys of their growth and learning. But what happens when that growth doesn’t take place, or even regresses? Autism is a spectrum of closely related disorders with a shared core of symptoms. It causes […]

Genius! 23 Signs That Your Child May Be Gifted

Child genius

Every parent wonders at some point if their child is gifted. I bet you’re wondering that right now, aren’t you? How is it determined if a child is gifted or just merely smart? Many factors go into identifying giftedness in school-age children, like IQ tests and other evaluations, however, observations from teachers, friends and family […]

What’s Normal: How to Know When Your Baby Should Talk?

Baby talking

The milestones your baby should be making in order to achieve speech development. Before babies learn to talk in an actual language, they play with sound by babbling and cooing. But all that baby talk doesn’t count as uttering real words. So when will you hear your baby’s first words? According to experts, that critical […]