Mommying for the Minimalist: How to Use One Item Many Ways

portable play pen

When you first began your journey into pregnancy, I bet you checked off everything on the registry at the baby stores, didn’t you? Of course you did, because that’s what all soon-to-be-parents do. We’re tricked into thinking that we need every single thing ever manufactured for the care of babies or else we’ll be horrible parents.

Reading that now, you realize how absurd it is to buy everything, yes? Hey, it happened to us all. If you’re on a budget or have little space to spare, here’s what you can do to be a great parent in the most minimal of ways. You can save yourself the headaches and get this one baby item that you can use a ton of ways.

Introducing the portable play pen. Many brands manufacture them so take your pick. Here’s what you can use it for:

  1. Changing table

Most models of these portable play pens now come with an attachment that goes over the top, allowing you to quickly, easily and safely convert it into a changing station when you need it. Regular changing tables are often a waste of space and money, plus if they aren’t bracketed to the wall, pose a serious danger to being toppled over onto your child.

  1. Play pen

Obviously, this was its intended initial use. It is great to put your little one in here with some safe toys. Don’t just toss your kid in there and let him stay all day though. It’s not a substitute for a babysitter. Roll it over near the kitchen while you cook or perhaps over by the TV while you handle a few important things so you can be sure he doesn’t topple down the stairs or cause other trouble.

  1. Baby chair

Many of these models now come with baby chairs that remove from the unit and can be used independently. And best of all, they vibrate. That is HUGE. No having to go out and hunt down a perfect vibrating baby chair. This thing GIVES you one. It’s perfect to tote along on small trips to friend’s homes or restaurants, especially if your child is too small to sit up on his own.

  1. Crib at home or on the go

Cribs can be clunky, expensive and difficult to assemble. One of these opens and folds with ease and can be moved anywhere, which is great when you’re trying to transition your baby to a new room. For newborns, you don’t need to buy bassinets and cribs. You can use this until your child feels comfortable in a bigger crib or bed. And if you travel a lot, you can pack it up and take it with you. That way, you don’t have to worry about a hotel, friend or family member having a crib for the baby to sleep in. Perfect!

See? There’s 4 fabulous ways to use one fabulous product!

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