Smiinky Kick Mats

Kick Mats - Why You Need Them!

Kick mats are an essential accessory in your car - especially if you have small children. Sadly, many parents even grandparents realise this too late. For many parents, they’ve never even heard of kick mats before. However, as soon as they discover the mess their kids have made, thats when they wish they had installed a pair in their vehicle.

Kids will always be kids. We know that - and truly we love them to bits. But if there is one thing we know about our little rascals, it’s this - they very rarely pay attention to the mess and havoc they can create. Sure, we can yell and scream at them to try and gain their compliance, but you know the drill. They just keep on doing what kids do.

So here’s the scenario. Its the weekend, you’re busy running around trying to do a hundred things. You pick your child up from soccer practice, and then rush off to get some shopping done so you can prepare dinner. Little did you realise but your child still had a boot-full of mud on his shoes. And by the time you get home, your champion soccer player, has skilfully dribbled all that mud over the back of your front seat. Those little yet active feet are at the perfect height. Kick… kick…. kick. Sometimes you can feel them kicking when they’re sitting directly behind you in the car. You could yell at them to stop - but they can’t help it. They’re kids - and the back of your front car seat is seemingly the best place for them to continue their soccer practice…

Then one day you are in the backseat and notice the mess on the back of the front seats. Perhaps your child isn’t into soccer, but as you know, those little feet don’t seem to care what they walk in. And they certainly don’t mind depositing all the snow, mud and dirt all over the backseats! You try and clean it up with a damp cloth. You get most of the dirt off, but then notice the scratches. With every kick, your soccer champion has created a scuff mark on your expensive leather car seats.

car seat back protector

Like many of us, we try and look after the re-sale value of our vehicles. To discover irreparable scuff marks on the leather car seats is horrifying! No matter when it’s time sell your car, those scratches are always going to be there. Again, yelling at your child is not going to help. And it is usually about this moment, when we begin researching for something to protect the seats from further damage from our kids.

Other common stories involve the Grandparents car. As you know, Grandparents love taking their precious grandchildren for a drive to the park or to the playground. And you guessed it, they’re none too pleased to find the mess on their backseat as well.

Whether its the parent or grandparent that finally discover kick mats, it is a sure relief knowing they have a car seat back protector installed. Kick mats offer the peace-of-mind knowing that their children can keep on being children, and that their seats are protected. It’s then one less thing to worry about. To save others going through the same problem, parents and even grandparents often spread the word about the need to protect the car seat back from kids kicking them. They then recommend installing kick mats.

At Smiinky, we believe we have designed and developed the best kick mats on the market. Please allow us to explain. Firstly, the kick mat needs to attach snugly to your seat back so it stays in place. All of our kick mats have top and bottom adjustable straps to maintain a snug fit.

Secondly, we have created the largest kick mat. At 25” X 19”, they are huge! This means more of your backseat is covered and therefore protected.

Thirdly, the material we use is unique. For the best seat protection, the kick mat must withstand even the most active little feet. Our mats are made from 1680 Denier polyester. This means they are the heaviest material used in any kick mat out there. Most other brands use 420 Denier. Smiinky offer a material 4X heavier!

Lastly, we know storage is also something parents keep telling us they need more of. So we have created a range of kick mats that also include organizer pockets. You have the choice of a kick mat without a pocket, right through to one with two extra large pockets.

As you can see, when it comes to kick mats, Smiinky has you covered…