The Most Major Potty Training Mistakes Ever

Potty training

Before you begin potty training your toddler, make sure to avoid these # big blunders!

No one ever said potty training a toddler was easy. But to make this as easy a process as possible for both you and your child, check out these epic potty training mistakes and learn how NOT to make them so you can soon say sayonara to diapers!

Mistake #1: Starting too soon

Many parents, eager to get their children out of diapers, will push their children to start potty training before they’re ready. But starting potty training before your toddler is ready will only make it more difficult and prolong the process. Most toddlers have the necessary physical and mental skills between 18 and 24 months, while some aren’t ready until they’re closer to age three or even four.

Do this instead:

Keep an eye out for signs of readiness in your toddler. These can include any of the following: an interest in using the potty; feeling uncomfortable in dirty diapers; talks about the potty; can get dressed by themselves; soils their diapers around the same times each day; can follow simple instructions; and stays dry for longer periods of time. If you’ve been trying for several weeks without success, your toddler may not be ready. Wait a few more weeks and try again.

Mistake #2: Starting at the wrong time

It’s not a good idea to begin training when a big change is happening. If you’re about to have another baby, go on a big trip, have relatives visit, move to a new home, or any other routine-disrupting change, don’t start potty training during that time.

Do this instead:

Toddlers are creatures of habit, and any changes to the usual program are likely to cause setbacks, so wait until things have gone back to normal or a new routine has been established to ensure a better potty training experience.

Mistake #4: Putting too much pressure on schedules

Every child is different. Just because your sister-in-law got her child potty trained by the age of two doesn’t mean your child will be potty trained by then too. Too often, parents of toddlers try to push and put too much pressure to be successful on their children, either because they think something is wrong with their child for not being fully potty trained or because an outside influence (like friends or relatives) is making them feel like a spectacular failure. The end result is that your child feels your anxiety.

Do this instead:

Relax! Stop using everyone else’s child as a yardstick for your own. Your child will be potty trained! Some children take longer than others and that is, according to the experts, VERY normal. If friends and family pressure and pester you about potty training, tune them out and tune into your child’s needs instead.

Mistake #5: Punishing your child

This is the most important mistake to NEVER make. It won’t accomplish a thing to get angry or penalize your toddler if they aren’t interested in training, won’t sit on the potty, or have an accident.

Do this instead:

Be patient, loving and kind. Respond to accidents and other challenges calmly without shouting or shaming. If you become angry and scary it will only hinder the potty training process and serve to make your child fearful and obstinate.


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