Your Ultimate Toddler Years Bucket List

Toddler years Bucket List

Your fun little toddler was once just a tiny baby yesterday. And that went by in the blink of an eye. Now that she’s bigger, don’t let these precious times slip away. Make the most of them before you blink and she’s asking you if she can borrow the keys to the car. Here’s a list of fun things you’ve just got to put on your must-do-today list before today is gone!

– Play hide and seek
– Build block towers and then knock them down like Godzilla
– Dress up like princesses, pirates and whatever else tickles your fancy
– Feed ducks at the lake
– Fly a kite
– Splash in puddles
–  Play in snow
– Build a sand castle
– Go fruit picking
– Take a walk in the forest
– Play “I Spy”
– Go for a swim
– Go to the petting zoo
– Visit a children’s museum
– Go to a toddler story time activity
– Visit your local library
– Make play dates with grandparents, cousins and friends
– Make shapes with Play Doh
– Finger paint
– Sing and dance
– Throw an impromptu dance party
– Bake cookies together
– Make a sticker book
– Blow and catch bubbles
– Play volleyball with balloons
– Make a couch fort
– Go out for ice cream
– Have a tea party
– See who can make the funniest face
– Visit the nearest zoo
– Watch birds
– Make up a song about your family
– Swing on the swings
– Slide down the slide
– Have a picnic
– Have a water balloon war
– Go out for pizza and cupcakes
– People watch and make up a story about people you see together
– Hula hoop
– Make a puppet show
– Go for a walk in the rain
– Jump in a pile of leaves
– Make a mud pie
– Have a swimming party for the dolls in the sink
– Go for a bike or trike ride
– Make hand print art by tracing or by dipping hands in paint and leaving impressions
– Stomp like dinosaurs and roar
– Write on the sidewalk with chalk
– Draw pictures and make cards for loved ones
– Host a small party for your child and friends
– Take a small trip somewhere fun with the family

Of course, there’s probably so many more that you can think of to add I’m sure. What do you think should be part of the ultimate toddler bucket list?


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